On September 3, 2020, the Ejido of Carrizalillo (Guerrero, Mexico) revoked its recently-negotiated agreement with Equinox Gold over the company’s refusal to address violations of the agreement, and shut down the Los Filos mine.

There is serious concern for the wellbeing and safety of the community given the tremendous violence and forced displacement that occurs with shocking frequency in the central part of Guerrero where Canadian mining operations such as Los Filos and others, such as Torex Gold, have been rapidly expanding.

Write to Ross Beaty, Chair of Equinox Gold, to call on the company to refrain from any aggression against the Ejido, and from calling in police or authorities to intervene with the ejidatarios in their lawful exercise of their land rights to stop the mine. Feel free to edit the message below to make it your own!

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